August was a good month

Life is starting to get more sane.  August was my best month so far.  First, I had my best month on my blog where I earned over $2,400 for the month.  You can read more about my income report here.  My goal was $2,100 so I was pleased with that figure.  I want to/need to grow that further as it will enable me to pay down my debt faster.


Second, I had a decent month for painting.  It’s much lower than I would like, but every bit helps.


Third, my marketing business has been doing well as I now have 2 steady clients (and they both seem to be very happy) and I have another one where I’m doing a bit each month and the potential for 2 new ones to come on mid September.  I’m excited about this as I need to be earning more to pay down the debt and soon I will have some added expenses that I will need to cover, so all is good.


I really feel good about some of the articles I’ve written for my clients.  Here are a couple of recent articles I wrote:


The weather has also been great and I’ve love swimming almost every day.  I’m sad that summer is coming to a close as I love it.  I’m hoping I can keep the swimming up as it has been so refreshing and relaxing.  Hopefully, I can keep this up.  I may need to find a back up exercise plan for when it gets cooler.


On my own blog, I’ve been diversifying my content a bit so that I can create a bit of seasonal content.  These are articles that will recur each year.  So far, I’ve written these 2 articles:

Soon, I plan to do at least 1 (but hopefully 2) holiday/Christmas articles.  Hopefully, this will bring some incremental traffic and help me create some seasonal pins for Pinterest.