My 1st Passive Income Report – December 2016 – $1,140

Dec 2016 - 1st Passive Income ReportThis is my first passive income report.  I really started trying to monetize my blogs in January 2016.  My first month, I made just slightly over $100.  It was just extra income, and I was running a more than full time business, so I was happy with it.


While running my very full time business, I was gradually learning and getting better, but this passive income thing has been much more challenging and slower than I expected.  By the time I reached August, I made a bit over $300.  From August- November, I ranged from $286-$452/month – and it was a bit up and down.


I was getting a bit frustrated and depressed, and knowing that my website traffic dips from Thanksgiving to New Years, I thought I’d be lucky to reach $500 for December.


Now that I no longer have my business (and trying to start a new one), I’m now all of a sudden more dependent on this income, and I need it to rapidly grow so I can reach my bills (and make it through my start up phase (more about that in a future post).


Finally, on December 1st, I added ads to my website.  I had started the application process in October and Monumetric approved me on Nov 3rd.  But, there were various delays (at first on my end just finding the time to schedule the initial conference call) and then on their end (my person had some personal/family issues and then Thanksgiving).  But voila, we were live on the afternoon of December 1st.


I used Monumetric as they set up everything for you and have an excellent reputation.  When you work with a company like Monumeric (or Adthrive), you generally keep a higher percentage of the profits vs Adsense and they know how to drive the ads better.  (note: I have no experience in setting up ads).


Now the “catch” with these places is that you need to have a lot of traffic to your site.  Monumetric requires 80,000 page views/month and Adthrive 100,000 pages per month.  Thankfully, I was around 120,000 when I applied.  I was actually accepted by both, but Monumetric got back to me faster, so currently, I’m working with them.  (I may add Adthrive later…will have to figure out).


I tried not to be obnoxious with the ads (as I see some sites where they are so distracting and annoying and they slow things down.  I’m sure I could make more money by adding more ads, but I didn’t want to create a poor user experience, so this seemed to be a nice balance.


Commentary and key thoughts.

My total income came to $1,140.  I was very happy with this number, especially as I had set a goal at the beginning of the year to hit $1,000/month by the end of the year.  And, based on how things were going, I didn’t think there was any way I would come anywhere close.


Most of this came from ads.  But, this isn’t so bad, because as I write more content and (hopefully) get more traffic, this will gradually build.  I was happy with my Amazon associate sales (but things dropped off a bit around the 24th…surprise, surprise).  I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t earn affiliate income from any other sources.  (Some of this is because I deprioritized some of those) and some is because I need to do some things differently in the future…I have some ideas, but I just need some time to implement…and some time for some of my new articles to percolate.


Income breakdown

Ads: $799.21

  • Monumetric $792.46
  • Youtube $6.75


Affiliate Marketing $315.28

  • Amazon $315.28


My ebooks (after fees) $11.64



Buy me a coffee $14.26


Note: I’m not including expenses yet…because most of my expenses are already covered under my business, so they aren’t incremental.  But, I did invest in 2 items at the end of November:

  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Gardner-Schroeder.  For anyone who is looking to do affiliate marketing or monetizing their blog, I highly highly recommend this.  I learned so much and the course was easy to follow.  You can do it at your own pace.  And, you also get to join her facebook group which is very active and totally awesome.  You can ask Michelle and others for feedback and advice on your site.  And, there are many top bloggers in there who can help you.  Michelle also creates share days, where you can share a new post you wrote and others will share it, and you share theirs.  This course was soooo worth it.  (I almost never buy anything, but I’m glad I made this investment.


  •  Tailwind – I used this to make scheduling on Pinterest faster and easier.  I’m so glad I did.  It’s definitely lead to an increase in repins and traffic to my site.  I bought the 1 year membership (as that is only about $10/month and you have unlimited pins).  I used someone’s affiliate link, so it saved me $15 (and that person earned $15, too).  The same will happen if you use my link – you’ll save $15 and I’ll get a $15 credit.  (So, I only paid $104 for the year).  They have a free trial offer.


Moving ahead:

My goal for the end of this year is to hit $5,000/month. I’m not sure yet how I’ll get there, but I hope I can figure it out soon.  I have several ideas to try (and need to find some spare time to implement).

December’s numbers are a bit higher than other months, as ad rates are higher for the holidays, and more people buy gifts on Amazon, so I’m expecting things to decrease for January.  The goal I had set for January was $875 and for February $1,250 (as this will help me move towards my goal of $5,000 by December.  So far, January is off to a good start.


Right now, all of the income is coming from my main site,  My niche Amazon site (CoffeeTableBuyingGuide) hasn’t done much of anything, so I’ve moved away from this for now.  At the end of last month, I migrated my new marketing site to a new domain name to match my company name:


Key articles written on December:

The Flooring Girl


Dynamo Marketers

(I wanted to hold off on writing here until the domain was transferred)