Making some progress on one of my affiliate articles

I’m on a mission.  I want to try to improve the earnings from my article about the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.   The article seems to convert well and is making some decent money, and I would like to grow it.


So, one thing I’m starting to do is some more guest posting.  I recently did an article on The Westchester View which links back to it.  The article is about how to protect your hardwood floors after you buy a new house with hardwood.


Yesterday, I worked on optimizing the article a bit.  I added in some better calls to action and some new sections.  I’m hoping to do some more soon.


I’m trying to think of some other topics that I can include this in so I can do some more guest posting.  But, now I’m having a brain freeze as I think I’m too close to this.  Hopefully, something will come to me soon.


I am doing some more guest blogging, and just completed another one on Tuesday.  Yay.  And, I just got a text from a freelance writer who linked back to me on an article on an authoritative real estate site.  Double yay.


I think I’ll also write something on ActiveRain and RealtyTimes soon.  I just need to figure out the topics to write about.  I’m also going to write some other articles to link back and reference the places where I’m guest posting.


I’ve also been doing some guest posts for one of my clients.  One should be published the end of this week and then the next one around November 20th.  I’m hoping that will help his blog do better.


For my vacuum article, I continue to share it on pinterest.  I had made a new image which seems to be doing better.  I also added a link to the blog post on the sidebar on my site.  My ideal, though is that it does better in search.  I can see that’s going to be a challenge as there are many others who have written on this topic and their domain names are very focused on vacuums and they seem to know what they’re doing. But, I would love if I can just move up a couple of slots.


Currently, I’m getting a bit over 1200 clicks per month.   It seems to be doing a bit better on google search, but I would love if I can accelerate it.  I’m also going to check out the backlink profile for some of my competitors.  Maybe that will help.  And, maybe this article will help a bit, too.


So much to do, so little time.  What else is new?

Some real set backs

So things have gotten more challenging.  I was feeling like I was making good progress on my debt reduction.

I have had 3 opportunities in Aug/Sept for potential additional clients, but none have materialized…at least not yet.

In August, I was so pleased with my passive income results as I made a bit over $2,400 and was getting close to my goal of reaching $2,500/month by end of year.  (I wanted $2,200 in Sept, $2,300 in Oct, $2,400 in Nov, and $2,500 in December).  This would help pay for the health insurance that I’m going to need to start paying – prob starting in December.

But, in Sept, I only earned $1,870.  So, I was disappointed.  But, determined to make October better.

Then, in September, things did not go so well with the part time painting jobs.  Leads slowed to a crawl (not my fault as it’s not my business and I was doing the marketing…but certainly my problem).  And, the leads I did get were pretty poor quality – very price sensitive customers and small jobs.  So, September was by far my worst month for painting commissions…at 1/3 of my goal and probably half the amount that I made in February.  Pretty bad.

So, I needed to make October great.  I decided to start blogging about painting on my main website.  Here’s the article I wrote:  What are the most popular shades of gray paint colors? The article took a really long time to put together, primarily because of all the graphics.  I made a great pin for the article – best gray shades of paint, and it’s been taking off.  In just a few days, it already has over 600 repins!

I also published my 2018 hardwood flooring trends article early – that was yesterday.  I figured that this would give me an early boost and hopefully help it rank #1 for next year (rather than #2).  And, I was happy that I had a friend of mine help secure a guest post about decorating (why it’s important to start with the floors first when you decorate).  This is on a high domain authority, so I was super excited.

October started out strong for the first day or two.

And, then boom.  It came.  The bad news.  The owner of the painting business decided to shut down the business.  That was yesterday.  Job gone.  Just like that.  Poof.  (And, no notice…all appointments that had been set are canceled).

Okay. I wasn’t expecting that.

So, now I need a new plan…and fast…because I don’t have any time or any savings to spare.

I’m doing what I can with some networking.  Waiting to hear on something.  Hoping to have closure tomorrow, but I have a hunch I won’t.

Finding it hard to concentrate on all the other work I need to do, including blogging for my 2 clients and my own blog.  I have to pull myself together.  But it’s hard.

So, crossing my fingers for some good news soon.  Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise.  Or maybe I can come up quickly with a new business idea.  It’s hard because I’m tired and stressed and didn’t sleep well last night.

So, yes, I want tomorrow to be a great day.

August was a good month

Life is starting to get more sane.  August was my best month so far.  First, I had my best month on my blog where I earned over $2,400 for the month.  You can read more about my income report here.  My goal was $2,100 so I was pleased with that figure.  I want to/need to grow that further as it will enable me to pay down my debt faster.


Second, I had a decent month for painting.  It’s much lower than I would like, but every bit helps.


Third, my marketing business has been doing well as I now have 2 steady clients (and they both seem to be very happy) and I have another one where I’m doing a bit each month and the potential for 2 new ones to come on mid September.  I’m excited about this as I need to be earning more to pay down the debt and soon I will have some added expenses that I will need to cover, so all is good.


I really feel good about some of the articles I’ve written for my clients.  Here are a couple of recent articles I wrote:


The weather has also been great and I’ve love swimming almost every day.  I’m sad that summer is coming to a close as I love it.  I’m hoping I can keep the swimming up as it has been so refreshing and relaxing.  Hopefully, I can keep this up.  I may need to find a back up exercise plan for when it gets cooler.


On my own blog, I’ve been diversifying my content a bit so that I can create a bit of seasonal content.  These are articles that will recur each year.  So far, I’ve written these 2 articles:

Soon, I plan to do at least 1 (but hopefully 2) holiday/Christmas articles.  Hopefully, this will bring some incremental traffic and help me create some seasonal pins for Pinterest.

Wow, my Amazon associates account is on fire

Well that is probably an exaggeration.  But, nonetheless, I’m having my best month so far.  Month to date, I’ve already earned $1,096 in commissions.  Prior to this, last month was my best month with $680.  And, I still have a week to go in this month, so we’ll see how it finishes out.


I wish I understood what is driving the surge.  I know that one article in particular, my polyurethane article is doing the best for earnings.  But, I wish I knew what was driving that up.  If I knew that, then I could try to do more to accelerate growth.


Or, it could just be a 1 month surge as many DIYers are working on their home projects and moving into new homes.  So, this may come to a close Labor Day weekend.  Let’s hope it continues.  In the meantime, I’m working on more articles to hopefully drive more affiliate sales.

More progress

I’m so excited as things tend to be accelerating with my Amazon Associate program.  I’ve been lucky and I’ve had 3 days where I earned over $100 per day.  (My average is around $22/day).  So, this has accelerated my earnings.  So far on Amazon (through Aug 18th), I’ve earned around $730 which is the most I’ve earned in a month so far…and I still have another 13 days to go.


This month, my top 3 articles for Amazon are Best brands of polyurethane, My Coretec Plus review, and my recommendation on the best vacuum for hardwood floors.


I really have to figure out how to get each of these to do better on Pinterest.  I think I’m missing a big traffic opportunity. But alas, I haven’t broken the code on these yet.  I have some ideas and we shall see if they work.


I’m also excited as I’m doing some more blogging and coaching work for several clients.  This week, I have a lot to get caught up for my Long Island Cash Buyer client.  I’ve been having fun writing some of the blog posts for him.  I met with another client that I’m coaching this week.  I have a hunch that we’ll just be meeting monthly (which is perfectly fine as this will be a bit of extra ongoing business.


And, I’m continuing to work with my Home care client where they offer in home nursing care.  We are really just getting started, so I’m excited about how this project will unfold.


And, this week I met with a real estate agent and I’m going to help her with her email/CRM program.  I’m very excited about the possibilities and this also made me realize how I can create some info products later (on my main site) and monetize them.  Very very excited about this.  Now, I just need to find the time.


My blog, which is my real future, is doing well.  It looks like I’m on track to make $2,100 for the month in passive income and possibly more.  Hopefully, thinks won’t drop off at the end of this month with Labor Day weekend.  I’m very behind on my articles for this month, so hoping to get my blog post cranked out tomorrow.


I keep trying to learn and experiment with Pinterest.  As of yesterday, I was able to reach 15,000 clicks/month.  Yay.  Hopefully, it will continue to grow.  It’s been gradually growing for the last few months.  What I really want though is to for it to accelerate.  I just read the updated version of Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies, and it was EXCELLENT.  I got several new tips, so I’m in process of trying to implement from them.  If you have an interest in growing your pinterest traffic, it’s a MUST READ.  It cost $32 and it’s totally worth it.

My best month for income from my blog…so far

I’m so excited as I had my best month of income from my blog…so far.  In July, I earned $1,996 and was so close to my goal and psychological threshold of $2,000/month.  You can read more about it in my July Passive income report.


July was also a much better month for me on the painting business, and so far, August is off to a good start.


My marketing business has been picking up as well, and very happy about this.  I’ve been working on Long Island Cash House Buyer site, and making some good progress on that.  And, I’ve been doing a bit of work on the NYC home care site.  I have a few other customers that I’m doing some work for, so it’s a nice variety to keep my brain stimulated.


I am also very excited about a new affiliate I’m working with (Rewardstyle) and just finally learning their system.  I just wrote a blog post on purple area rugs using their platform, so we’ll see if it works.  Importantly, I can now create some collages on pinterest to drive traffic to my articles.  Very excited about this.


Onward and upward.

I love coincidences

Those who know me well know that I love coincidences.  On Thursday, I was on my way to a painting appointment.


I recently got a new phone, and I am definitely having challenges with the texting.  I keep making typos (my old phone was easier).  So, of course, I meant to write the #20 in my calendar but wrote #10 instead.


Of course the homeowner there was stunned and I knew I was in the wrong place.


He then says, “Oh, can you paint my house?”  I was stunned, because it turned out he was serious.  He just needs 1 room done, but it was hilarious.  He let me in and we swapped information.  Then, I got in touch with my customer to get the correct house number.


In the end, it all worked out well, and I now have an extra customer.


July was a better month

In July, I continued to make progress on my business and blog.  The painting business really started to picked up as everyone is in a rush.  This will probably continue through the end of August and then it may slow down again.


I made some good progress on my blog and learning how to do affiliate marketing better.  I was pleasantly surprised that my article about the best type of vacuum to use on hardwood floors did so well so soon.  So far, it generated $73 in affiliate earnings and it there was another sale yesterday, so if it ships by the 31st, it will probably be $80 for the month.  While $80 is not that much, if it generates $80/month then it was well worth it.  I’m now working on some other posts that are similar (different topics) and hoping they will work (it’s a bit soon to tell).


If I can generate 2 articles per month that each generate an incremental $50/month, then I’m all set and on track for my goal to grow an extra $100/month by the end of the year.  I’m hoping I will be successful.


I’m also really excited that one of my favorite clients contacted me earlier this week and we are going to recommence that project (personal life matters got in the way).  So, this week I got to start working again on her home healthcare business.


So, it’s onward and upward as I continue to get to a more normal and stable life.  I hope I continue to grow and reduce the remaining debt.

Chugging along

I continue to make progress, albeit, slower than what I had hoped.  Sometimes, I may set aggressive targets.  But, at least I’m making progress.  I have a hunch it may be another 2.5 to 3 years before I clear through all this debt, but I believe I will get there.  (And, I will do all I can to accelerate things).


This week was my good week in a long time for for my painting customers.  I actually met my weekly target…actually, I exceeded it by a little.  I also have a few upcoming customers that may do some additional work, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping there is some upside here.


For my favorite client, I wrote my published my first super epic article.  The topic is Selling an inherited home to settle an estate.  It’s a mega guide and I really hope it helps people when they find themselves in this situation.  I know it’s a difficult time period and the hope is that this makes it a bit easier.  I had a lot of real estate agents compliment the article and share it on their social media platforms.


My blog continues to make progress.  I made a bit over $1900 in July and I believe I’m on track for $2000 for July.  The hope is to get to $2,500/month by the end of the year.   I already wrote another article this week and I’m going to see if I can do a 2nd one over the weekend or else do an ebook (rework one I’ve already done).


I also have a pin on pinterest that’s starting to take off. It almost has 1000 repins (currently 991).  I’m hoping that it may take off further and truly go viral.  We’ll see.  I’m playing around a bit with my manual pinning and making sure that some of my best pins (and best affiliate pins) are recycled more often to my best boards.   We’ll see if it makes a difference.


I have several other marketing clients on the brink of starting.  Their schedules are a bit crazy and I just need to be a bit patient and ride it out a bit more.

Proud of my work for my client

On Monday, I published my first epic post for my Long Island client.  And, it wasn’t just any epic post.  It was a super mega epic post…over 6000 words.


I didn’t strive for 6,000 words.  I was going for 2,000-3,000 words, but it ended up more than twice as long as antipicated.  It is the Complete Guide to Selling an Inherited House to Settle an Estate.  I felt so great when several experienced and talented real estate bloggers told me they thought it was great.  And, they shared it on social media.


I just added it to hoping to get some more shares.  This week, I need to work on some backlinking and building some more authority for the blog post.  I’m hoping this does well.


Soon, I’m going to look into creating it into a free ebook form and making it a lead magnet.


I’m excited about the possibilities.  I’m hoping this will really help my client.