Making progress on my website

I feel good about the progress I’ve been making on my main website.  It’s certainly been going slower than I thought, but it is growing and going in the right direction.

Last month, I was excited when I hit a new high and earned $1,932 on my site.  Prior to that, the previous few months were in the $1,500 range and it seemed that I might not be able to break out of that pattern.

This month, it looks like I’m on track to earn a bit over $2000 for the month and that is encouraging.  I recently wrote an article on What’s the best type of vacuum for hardwood flooring.  I’m excited as 6 people already bought vacuum cleaners in the past week and a half.  I wasn’t expecting this.

Now, that’s the good news.  The challenging news is that almost all of that traffic came from pinterest and the traffic is dying down.  But, it shows that I have a high converting post, so now I just need to work on getting it to rank higher on search and get more traffic on there.  I have my work cut out for me.

Yesterday, I published an article on how to remove popcorn ceilings.  This should come in handy for many who are looking to get rid of these dated ceilings and I share some solutions that will make it easier and less messy.  The hope is that some people will purchase some of the tools on Amazon.

If I can reach $2000/month in July, and then just $100 extra each month, I can reach my new reset goal of $2,500/month by the end of the year.  This means if I can write one article/month that will generate an extra $100, or more likely 2 articles/month that each generate $50/month extra, then I can get there.

Also, if I can figure out how to really drive more traffic from Pinterest, then I’ll be in great shape.  I must be missing something because I only seem to be able to generate around 11,000 clicks per month from Pinterest.  I really wanted to get to 100,000 clicks/month by end of year.  But, maybe I can figure out how to get to 20,000 by end of summer.  For each 10,000 clicks, that represents an extra $90-100/month (probably a bit more in Nov/Dec).

And, if I can figure out how to get a few more articles on my site to rank better, that would help, too.

I’m also trying to create a couple of small ebooks, too so those may add a bit of incremental income.

It’s onward and upward from here.  I’m determined, so let’s hope I can make this work.

Making progress 7/8/17

So, I’m continuing to make progress…slowly but surely.  We had an awesome blogger meeting yesterday.  I came out of there with a lot of good ideas for blog topics.  And, for some reason, my head has just been in the game and in brainstorming mode these last 2 days, so now I have a slew of ideas to work on.


Now, I just have to find the time…and prioritize.


I’m really excited that the post I wrote on Monday, What is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood flooring? already generated an affiliate sale.  Yay, that was lucky.  It looks like the traffic came from Pinterest.  I have to start sharing this article more (on Pinterest and other places) and see what I can do to strengthen it in search results.  After all, a vacuum cleaner is a larger than average purchase on Amazon and if I could get more steady results on that, it would be awesome.


I was getting concerned about July passive income.  The first 4 days of the month I had strong traffic due to my July 4th fireworks post, but I knew that was just a temporary boost.  I was bit disappointed (but not surprised) that affiliate earnings (especially on Amazon) were low, so the month was showing a much slower daily rate.  Thankfully, on the 5th things picked up, so that was encouraging and now things are looking good.


I need to work on generating some more content so I can continue to grow, especially content that can result in more affiliate earnings.  We’ll see.  I have a bunch on my “to do” list.


I’m excited that I have a new client on board starting next week.  It will probably just be 2 hrs/week in coaching for 4-5 sessions, but I’m excited about it as it will be fun.  I’m also happy today, I brainstormed a whole bunch of blog topics for one of my Long Island client.  I’m looking forward to getting going on some of these.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve written several flooring articles that I hope will help me long term.  Some will generate more traffic, some affiliate sales.  Here are some of them:

I really need to work on sharing these more.

I’m hoping to get 2 quick ebooks up soon.  One of them is mostly created and needs to be adapted.  The other one is going to be a short one that should be useful to those looking to improve their online page authority.

Somehow, time keeps getting away from me…or said another way, everything keeps taking longer than what I think it will.  I have to make sure I get these up by the end of the month.  Now that it’s written, I have to do it.

Oh, and I also just noticed that I don’t have any ads on this site.  I’m not even sure if it’s getting much traffic.  So, I need to look into this.

I hit my goal of 10,000 clicks for my fireworks post

Yay.  I set a stretching goal and I hit it.  My July 4th fireworks article hit 10,014 clicks.  Yay.  This showed that I could create an local post on my website on a topic other than hardwood and sanding.  This is good.


I got a bit of extra income from the advertising.  It was also funny as I was reconnecting a friend today, and she told me she found my article over the weekend and that’s how she found out about the fireworks celebration she went to.  Small world.


Next year, I’ll see if I can write one earlier, so maybe it rank a bit higher.  I do think there’s even more potential.


And, now I have to think of other articles for recurring holidays that I can write about to help supplement my traffic during the holidays.

July 4th weekend

This is another “dear diary” sort of post.  This year, July 4th is on a Tuesday.  So I guess this is the July 4th weekend…a bit extended from Friday 6/28 till Tues 7/4.  (I did have a painting appt on Saturday morning and I have two appointments on Monday. And, that’s a good thing.  (I sound like Martha Stewart LOL).


Anyway, I was doing some experimenting and wrote a local post on my blog about the 4th of July Fireworks in Westchester.  It’s done pretty well.  So far, it has around 5,700 clicks.  It’s just July 2nd, and most of the traffic tends to come on July 3rd and 4th, so well see how it does.  Things seem to be slowing a bit as 2 local news places posted about this.  My goal was to get to 10,000 clicks.  We’ll see.


I also wrote a fireworks post for one of my top clients.  I really wasn’t trying to get it to rank.  I was writing it more for another backlink to his site.  But, as of around noon, that article had over 1,700 clicks.  It’s funny how that happens…when you don’t try that hard and then an article does very well.


I’m glad that the weather’s been warm.  Memorial Day weekend had awful weather – rainy and chilly.  This weekend, it’s been hot.  It’s been a bit more humid than I like, and a bit of brief showers on some days, but these seem to clear up really fast.  The sun has been great and it’s been an absolute pleasure to swim in our indoor pool. So, the brief rain showers didn’t bother me one bit.


I’ve already been in the pool once today for 45 mins.  I’m now doing a bit of work and blogging (which is a combo of work and fun).  I’m not dressed in regular clothes, but I think soon, I’ll change again and go in for another dip.


So here’s hoping that my 4th of July article is a big success.  And, here’s hoping that this is the start of a new plan which will supplement traffic during the holidays.

My fireworks post is off to a strong start

It always feels good when something starts to work.  So far, so good on my Fourth of July Fireworks post.  So far, it’s at 901 clicks in just3 days (and there are still 5 more hours in the day).  I’m hoping it will reach 1000 clicks by the end of the night.  We’ll see.


Generally, the 4th of July fireworks articles have a short but intense shelf life with most of the clicks happening between 7/2 and 7/4.  The fact that I’m already getting some traction and the clicks have increased each day (or at least it appears that way…still have to see how today ends up) is a good sign.  And, the fact that highest source of traffic is from google is also a good sign.


Last night I added it to a local facebook group for the county, and just a little while ago to a local town FB group.  I have a few others I plan to share it to tomorrow and then I’ll see if I can recycle it as we get closer.


This year, the article is on my site and as I have some ads on there, it’s being monetized a bit.  I added in some Amazon stuff, but that’s just a bonus and not sure if it will lead to anything extra.  We’ll see.  This is an experiment.  And, if it works, I can add some other future holiday articles.

I can’t believe it’s summer

I think summer is my favorite season.  (I love spring too and the 1st half of fall, too).  Summer means pool time to me. And, it’s a more relaxed atmosphere…a semi vacation.

This year, we sort of skipped most of spring.  The weather was so weird, especially in June as it was much cooler than usual and lots of rain.  Well all of a sudden it’s summer – weatherwise and calendar wise.  I can’t believe it’s almost the Fourth of July.  Crazy.

So right now I’m trying to get as much productive work done between now and then and as much swimming time as I can.  I’m going in the pool almost every day, and sometimes even twice a day.  It feels so good – for my mind and body.

I’m really glad that I have flexibility in my calendar now to be able to do this.  I think next year will be much better than this one as things will have stabilized for me a bit more.  Having this pool in my building is awesome.  And, being able to really use it again is awesome.

Summer Solstice thoughts

Wow, it’s the longest day of the year.  I can’t believe it’s here already.  I love the late spring and summer.  It’s the best time of the year.  It’s time for the pool (yes, I swam already) and time for ice cream (my favorite) and extra long days to hang out and relax.


This year, the weather has been so strange.  The spring has been especially cool and rather rainy.  It’s so odd. It’s hard to believe that it’s June, because it hasn’t felt that way on most days.


But, today is a beautiful day – sunny and warm, but not too warm.  It’s a nice day to choose for the longest day of the year.  My swim was nice, and since it will be light late, and I think I’m going to go in again after dinner.  Yay.


It’s hard to believe that it’s actually summer now, and July 4th is right around the corner (how did that happen?)  Yesterday, I wrote an article on my main site for the 4th of July Fireworks in Westchester County.  I’m hoping it does well and drives a lot of traffic to my site.  We shall see.


I’m so glad that I still have the remainder of June, all of July and August and 1st half of September to enjoy the pool in my building.  I love the water.  I always have.  I feel at peace in the water.  I chose my building because of the large beautiful pool.  I’m hoping to go to the pool at least 4 times/week until the week after Labor Day.  Now, given my new shift in career, it’s much easier to find time to go to the pool and relax.  And, I love it.

Father’s Day 2017

Yes, today is Father’s Day 2017.  We are so thankful to have my dad around.  He is 77.  At the end of April, he went into the hospital to have a heart valve replaced.  It didn’t sound like it was going to be too big of a deal, until the night before when they did the angiogram and then said he had to get a double bypass.

We were all, of course, very nervous.  Thankfully, the operation was a success.  Because he’s older, his recovery time was a bit longer. It was not a fun experience for him and he was in the hospital for 2 weeks.  He was so happy to go home, and we are all so happy for him.  He’s been doing better each week.

We were so happy to celebrate his 77th birthday on June 3rd.  And, we are so happy to have him here for Father’s Day.  I hope there are many more, but I know he’s getting older each year (and so am I), so that’s kind of scary.

My dad grew up in The Bronx.  You can’t tell because he really doesn’t have an accent.  My mom grew up on Long Island.  She still has a bit of an accent (but not as bad as most people on Long Island and it’s lessened over the years).

We are going to celebrate by having a “BBQ” at my parents’ house later today.  It may rain, so it sounds like we’ll be eating inside.  Looking forward to seeing his progress in the last 2 weeks.

Progress update – June 2017

Yes, I’ve had some big set backs in June.

On the one hand, a few things have stabilized and things are running more normally.  On the other hand, I was expecting a big chunk of “found” money, and after 6 months of waiting I received it.  However, it was way less than I expected. I’m still in debt and have a ways to go.  I need to amp up my income earning efforts.

At the same time, I’m not sure what’s going on with our economy here.  Typically, June is one of the busiest and most productive months for home improvement.  But, our painting leads have slowed down and close rate has decreased.  This isn’t good.  I’m hoping the last 2 months are much stronger.

On the positive side, I have 2 new upcoming clients. One is small and one may be a good ongoing client.  I’m still trying to coordinate when we can get together to meet…hopefully next week.  Then, I can get started on their projects and make up for a some hours lost.

I’m thrilled to be working with one of my best clients who has given me some steady work.  He helps people who need to sell their Long Island homes fast.

On the other positive side, my blog income this month has grown and it’s looking like I may have my best month ever. I’m hoping it’s the start of a real growth trend.  I just published a new article that I hope will take off and I’m re-energizing my pinterest pinning approach by creating a whole bunch of images and experimenting again with manual pinning.  I’m also making progress on some of my projects which can lead to some long term growth.

On the painting business, I have 3 large proposals out there and if these close soon, I’m in much better shape, so I’m crossing my fingers.

Here’s hoping for an awesome 2nd half of the month.

A quick update – May 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.  My intent was to  use this as a journal of my progress and update it at least once a month.  But, life has been busy and at times chaotic.  Anyway, I’m back now.


I’ve made some great progress (but still have a ways to go).  I have now stabilized my income, so at least I can pay all of my short term bills (mortgage, food, electric, car, etc.).  I’ve made some great progress on paying down my debt, but I still have a ways to go.  I know, I need to be patient on this one.  It will happen all in good time.


I’ve been able to monetize my flooring blog, so I’m now making around $1,500/month.  It’s a great start, but I need to figure out how to accelerate this further.  My original goal was to get this to $5,000/month by the end of the year, but I’m now realizing that this is harder than I thought and it’s going to take me longer than I expected to get there.  So my new goal is to get $2,500/month by the end of this year and $5,000 by end of next year.  This will take some hard work, and I realize need to focus on this since it’s my future.


I had a bit of a hiatus on my blog for around 7 weeks (combo of my blog having some overhaul work (I was having site speed issues), spending time with my dad (as he had double bypass surgery) and then just being busy with work.  But, now I’m back in the swing and just did 3 blog posts in a row (i.e. one per week).


I’m now working on trying to improve the ranking of one of my top articles on Hardwood flooring trends for 2017.  This article is doing well, but it could be doing better.  Currently it’s ranked #2 and I would like it to be #1 (historically for my trend posts, my annual trend article has been #1).  I believe that my article is stronger than the one in first position, but that article had an advantage from order of entry (it was written 2 months prior to mine).  So, I have some work ahead of me.


I’m now working with a painting company in Westchester.  That has been great both in paying the bills and keeping my mind going.  I’ve had fun (as I love decorating) and I’ve learned a lot in the process.  This is just a part time job while I’m working on my blog (as well as my new marketing business).


I’m now doing blogging work for several customers in varied industries.  This has also been fun as I’m learning a lot about varied businesses.  One of my favorite clients is Rich Witt and he buys houses fast and for cash on Long Island.


I really didn’t understand how this worked until I spoke with him and got educated on the subject.  I used to think that these places were scams (and in all fairness, some are).  But Rich is highly ethical and really helps people that need it.  Some of them have assets, but they just don’t have the funds or capital (or time) to fix their homes, and they really need to sell quickly.  Often this happens with houses that have been inherited.  Some of these homes have been neglected for years and need a lot of repair and improvement and the heirs just don’t have the capital to put into the home until after it’s sold.


I also had a bit of an idea yesterday on how I can use this blog better to help me and my clients.  For several of my clients, I need to build backlinks for them to strengthen their domain and page authority.  And, I’ve been doing that in several ways.  I remembered that one way to do that is to create a free site and then backlink to them via blog posts I write.


And, then I thought, duh…I already have a paid and hosted blog (which is better), so I can now just develop this blog further and write targeted articles for them on here.  Of course, I can use this for my benefit, too.


So, I’m very excited about this realization.  More blog posts to come soon.   Real soon.