Making more progress

Today I did a whole lot of work off site trying to drive traffic to my main site.  I read a helpful article on Quora so I went back there to answer some more questions/add links to some articles I wrote over the last 3 months.  Based on the advice from the article, I added in pictures.  I didn’t even realize we could do that.  I can’t believe I’m been missing that for years.


I’m going to go back soon and update a few that are getting more views and add some pictures.  Well see if it helps.


I also created several articles off site (in 4 places) so I could backlink to some key and recent articles.  I still want to do another one tomorrow (my computer got frozen and I had to restart some stuff…lost some time and now I’m too tired to do it. Hopefully, I can finish off tomorrow.


There are 2 articles in particular I want to highlight.  First is my 2017 hardwood flooring trend article.  This article does very well, but it could be doing better as it’s in the #2 position (and I’d like it to be #1).  And, the 2nd is my Shiplap article.  This is a recent one, so it may just need some more time.  One of my pins on pinterest has done pretty well and already has 688 shares.  Hopefully, I can get that higher as well as the traffic from the pin.


Next week I have to work on my ebooks!  I was going to do one today, but got sidetracked w/ above…or said another say, I reprioritized.