Chugging along

I continue to make progress, albeit, slower than what I had hoped.  Sometimes, I may set aggressive targets.  But, at least I’m making progress.  I have a hunch it may be another 2.5 to 3 years before I clear through all this debt, but I believe I will get there.  (And, I will do all I can to accelerate things).


This week was my good week in a long time for for my painting customers.  I actually met my weekly target…actually, I exceeded it by a little.  I also have a few upcoming customers that may do some additional work, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping there is some upside here.


For my favorite client, I wrote my published my first super epic article.  The topic is Selling an inherited home to settle an estate.  It’s a mega guide and I really hope it helps people when they find themselves in this situation.  I know it’s a difficult time period and the hope is that this makes it a bit easier.  I had a lot of real estate agents compliment the article and share it on their social media platforms.


My blog continues to make progress.  I made a bit over $1900 in July and I believe I’m on track for $2000 for July.  The hope is to get to $2,500/month by the end of the year.   I already wrote another article this week and I’m going to see if I can do a 2nd one over the weekend or else do an ebook (rework one I’ve already done).


I also have a pin on pinterest that’s starting to take off. It almost has 1000 repins (currently 991).  I’m hoping that it may take off further and truly go viral.  We’ll see.  I’m playing around a bit with my manual pinning and making sure that some of my best pins (and best affiliate pins) are recycled more often to my best boards.   We’ll see if it makes a difference.


I have several other marketing clients on the brink of starting.  Their schedules are a bit crazy and I just need to be a bit patient and ride it out a bit more.