My continued learning on SEO

One of the things I love about my new “job” is that I’m constantly learning.  Each week I learn something new…and often each day.  When I say my new “job” – it’s both my business and my passion.  So, I’ve been trying to grow and monetize my own blog, and marketing business where I help clients’ websites rank better.


The good news is that most of my learning helps me do better with both businesses, so they are somewhat synergistic.  Today, I read a helpful article on backlinking and how to do this better and more naturally.


I actually already follow some of the processes and principles in this article already, but it opened my eyes to a few other ways that I can naturally build some links for my customers that I hadn’t really thought about.  So, I’m going to start implementing some of these ideas later today.


Summer safety tips for seniorsSo, for example, I may leverage some pictures and link the pictures to the client’s website.  This picture links to a recent article on my client’s home care site.  I’m going to try to link more pictures (in addition to the text links) for some additional exposure and for a more natural link profile.  I also realized that this gives me some more flexibility on subjects I can write about for backlinking.  And, that’s a good thing since I’ve been starting to run out of ideas for one of my clients (because I’ve written so many so far.


I’m very excited about this learning (and several others) from the article.  Now, I’m off to read some more.  Oh, and it’s not even 8am… and I already have my new learning for the day.