I hit my goal of 10,000 clicks for my fireworks post

Yay.  I set a stretching goal and I hit it.  My July 4th fireworks article hit 10,014 clicks.  Yay.  This showed that I could create an local post on my website on a topic other than hardwood and sanding.  This is good.


I got a bit of extra income from the advertising.  It was also funny as I was reconnecting a friend today, and she told me she found my article over the weekend and that’s how she found out about the fireworks celebration she went to.  Small world.


Next year, I’ll see if I can write one earlier, so maybe it rank a bit higher.  I do think there’s even more potential.


And, now I have to think of other articles for recurring holidays that I can write about to help supplement my traffic during the holidays.