I love coincidences

Those who know me well know that I love coincidences.  On Thursday, I was on my way to a painting appointment.


I recently got a new phone, and I am definitely having challenges with the texting.  I keep making typos (my old phone was easier).  So, of course, I meant to write the #20 in my calendar but wrote #10 instead.


Of course the homeowner there was stunned and I knew I was in the wrong place.


He then says, “Oh, can you paint my house?”  I was stunned, because it turned out he was serious.  He just needs 1 room done, but it was hilarious.  He let me in and we swapped information.  Then, I got in touch with my customer to get the correct house number.


In the end, it all worked out well, and I now have an extra customer.