July was a better month

In July, I continued to make progress on my business and blog.  The painting business really started to picked up as everyone is in a rush.  This will probably continue through the end of August and then it may slow down again.


I made some good progress on my blog and learning how to do affiliate marketing better.  I was pleasantly surprised that my article about the best type of vacuum to use on hardwood floors did so well so soon.  So far, it generated $73 in affiliate earnings and it there was another sale yesterday, so if it ships by the 31st, it will probably be $80 for the month.  While $80 is not that much, if it generates $80/month then it was well worth it.  I’m now working on some other posts that are similar (different topics) and hoping they will work (it’s a bit soon to tell).


If I can generate 2 articles per month that each generate an incremental $50/month, then I’m all set and on track for my goal to grow an extra $100/month by the end of the year.  I’m hoping I will be successful.


I’m also really excited that one of my favorite clients contacted me earlier this week and we are going to recommence that project (personal life matters got in the way).  So, this week I got to start working again on her home healthcare business.


So, it’s onward and upward as I continue to get to a more normal and stable life.  I hope I continue to grow and reduce the remaining debt.