Making progress 7/8/17

So, I’m continuing to make progress…slowly but surely.  We had an awesome blogger meeting yesterday.  I came out of there with a lot of good ideas for blog topics.  And, for some reason, my head has just been in the game and in brainstorming mode these last 2 days, so now I have a slew of ideas to work on.


Now, I just have to find the time…and prioritize.


I’m really excited that the post I wrote on Monday, What is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood flooring? already generated an affiliate sale.  Yay, that was lucky.  It looks like the traffic came from Pinterest.  I have to start sharing this article more (on Pinterest and other places) and see what I can do to strengthen it in search results.  After all, a vacuum cleaner is a larger than average purchase on Amazon and if I could get more steady results on that, it would be awesome.


I was getting concerned about July passive income.  The first 4 days of the month I had strong traffic due to my July 4th fireworks post, but I knew that was just a temporary boost.  I was bit disappointed (but not surprised) that affiliate earnings (especially on Amazon) were low, so the month was showing a much slower daily rate.  Thankfully, on the 5th things picked up, so that was encouraging and now things are looking good.


I need to work on generating some more content so I can continue to grow, especially content that can result in more affiliate earnings.  We’ll see.  I have a bunch on my “to do” list.


I’m excited that I have a new client on board starting next week.  It will probably just be 2 hrs/week in coaching for 4-5 sessions, but I’m excited about it as it will be fun.  I’m also happy today, I brainstormed a whole bunch of blog topics for one of my Long Island client.  I’m looking forward to getting going on some of these.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve written several flooring articles that I hope will help me long term.  Some will generate more traffic, some affiliate sales.  Here are some of them:

I really need to work on sharing these more.

I’m hoping to get 2 quick ebooks up soon.  One of them is mostly created and needs to be adapted.  The other one is going to be a short one that should be useful to those looking to improve their online page authority.

Somehow, time keeps getting away from me…or said another way, everything keeps taking longer than what I think it will.  I have to make sure I get these up by the end of the month.  Now that it’s written, I have to do it.

Oh, and I also just noticed that I don’t have any ads on this site.  I’m not even sure if it’s getting much traffic.  So, I need to look into this.