Making some progress on one of my affiliate articles

I’m on a mission.  I want to try to improve the earnings from my article about the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.   The article seems to convert well and is making some decent money, and I would like to grow it.


So, one thing I’m starting to do is some more guest posting.  I recently did an article on The Westchester View which links back to it.  The article is about how to protect your hardwood floors after you buy a new house with hardwood.


Yesterday, I worked on optimizing the article a bit.  I added in some better calls to action and some new sections.  I’m hoping to do some more soon.


I’m trying to think of some other topics that I can include this in so I can do some more guest posting.  But, now I’m having a brain freeze as I think I’m too close to this.  Hopefully, something will come to me soon.


I am doing some more guest blogging, and just completed another one on Tuesday.  Yay.  And, I just got a text from a freelance writer who linked back to me on an article on an authoritative real estate site.  Double yay.


I think I’ll also write something on ActiveRain and RealtyTimes soon.  I just need to figure out the topics to write about.  I’m also going to write some other articles to link back and reference the places where I’m guest posting.


I’ve also been doing some guest posts for one of my clients.  One should be published the end of this week and then the next one around November 20th.  I’m hoping that will help his blog do better.


For my vacuum article, I continue to share it on pinterest.  I had made a new image which seems to be doing better.  I also added a link to the blog post on the sidebar on my site.  My ideal, though is that it does better in search.  I can see that’s going to be a challenge as there are many others who have written on this topic and their domain names are very focused on vacuums and they seem to know what they’re doing. But, I would love if I can just move up a couple of slots.


Currently, I’m getting a bit over 1200 clicks per month.   It seems to be doing a bit better on google search, but I would love if I can accelerate it.  I’m also going to check out the backlink profile for some of my competitors.  Maybe that will help.  And, maybe this article will help a bit, too.


So much to do, so little time.  What else is new?