More progress

I’m so excited as things tend to be accelerating with my Amazon Associate program.  I’ve been lucky and I’ve had 3 days where I earned over $100 per day.  (My average is around $22/day).  So, this has accelerated my earnings.  So far on Amazon (through Aug 18th), I’ve earned around $730 which is the most I’ve earned in a month so far…and I still have another 13 days to go.


This month, my top 3 articles for Amazon are Best brands of polyurethane, My Coretec Plus review, and my recommendation on the best vacuum for hardwood floors.


I really have to figure out how to get each of these to do better on Pinterest.  I think I’m missing a big traffic opportunity. But alas, I haven’t broken the code on these yet.  I have some ideas and we shall see if they work.


I’m also excited as I’m doing some more blogging and coaching work for several clients.  This week, I have a lot to get caught up for my Long Island Cash Buyer client.  I’ve been having fun writing some of the blog posts for him.  I met with another client that I’m coaching this week.  I have a hunch that we’ll just be meeting monthly (which is perfectly fine as this will be a bit of extra ongoing business.


And, I’m continuing to work with my Home care client where they offer in home nursing care.  We are really just getting started, so I’m excited about how this project will unfold.


And, this week I met with a real estate agent and I’m going to help her with her email/CRM program.  I’m very excited about the possibilities and this also made me realize how I can create some info products later (on my main site) and monetize them.  Very very excited about this.  Now, I just need to find the time.


My blog, which is my real future, is doing well.  It looks like I’m on track to make $2,100 for the month in passive income and possibly more.  Hopefully, thinks won’t drop off at the end of this month with Labor Day weekend.  I’m very behind on my articles for this month, so hoping to get my blog post cranked out tomorrow.


I keep trying to learn and experiment with Pinterest.  As of yesterday, I was able to reach 15,000 clicks/month.  Yay.  Hopefully, it will continue to grow.  It’s been gradually growing for the last few months.  What I really want though is to for it to accelerate.  I just read the updated version of Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies, and it was EXCELLENT.  I got several new tips, so I’m in process of trying to implement from them.  If you have an interest in growing your pinterest traffic, it’s a MUST READ.  It cost $32 and it’s totally worth it.