Proud of my work for my client

On Monday, I published my first epic post for my Long Island client.  And, it wasn’t just any epic post.  It was a super mega epic post…over 6000 words.


I didn’t strive for 6,000 words.  I was going for 2,000-3,000 words, but it ended up more than twice as long as antipicated.  It is the Complete Guide to Selling an Inherited House to Settle an Estate.  I felt so great when several experienced and talented real estate bloggers told me they thought it was great.  And, they shared it on social media.


I just added it to hoping to get some more shares.  This week, I need to work on some backlinking and building some more authority for the blog post.  I’m hoping this does well.


Soon, I’m going to look into creating it into a free ebook form and making it a lead magnet.


I’m excited about the possibilities.  I’m hoping this will really help my client.