A quick update – May 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.  My intent was to  use this as a journal of my progress and update it at least once a month.  But, life has been busy and at times chaotic.  Anyway, I’m back now.


I’ve made some great progress (but still have a ways to go).  I have now stabilized my income, so at least I can pay all of my short term bills (mortgage, food, electric, car, etc.).  I’ve made some great progress on paying down my debt, but I still have a ways to go.  I know, I need to be patient on this one.  It will happen all in good time.


I’ve been able to monetize my flooring blog, so I’m now making around $1,500/month.  It’s a great start, but I need to figure out how to accelerate this further.  My original goal was to get this to $5,000/month by the end of the year, but I’m now realizing that this is harder than I thought and it’s going to take me longer than I expected to get there.  So my new goal is to get $2,500/month by the end of this year and $5,000 by end of next year.  This will take some hard work, and I realize need to focus on this since it’s my future.


I had a bit of a hiatus on my blog for around 7 weeks (combo of my blog having some overhaul work (I was having site speed issues), spending time with my dad (as he had double bypass surgery) and then just being busy with work.  But, now I’m back in the swing and just did 3 blog posts in a row (i.e. one per week).


I’m now working on trying to improve the ranking of one of my top articles on Hardwood flooring trends for 2017.  This article is doing well, but it could be doing better.  Currently it’s ranked #2 and I would like it to be #1 (historically for my trend posts, my annual trend article has been #1).  I believe that my article is stronger than the one in first position, but that article had an advantage from order of entry (it was written 2 months prior to mine).  So, I have some work ahead of me.


I’m now working with a painting company in Westchester.  That has been great both in paying the bills and keeping my mind going.  I’ve had fun (as I love decorating) and I’ve learned a lot in the process.  This is just a part time job while I’m working on my blog (as well as my new marketing business).


I’m now doing blogging work for several customers in varied industries.  This has also been fun as I’m learning a lot about varied businesses.  One of my favorite clients is Rich Witt and he buys houses fast and for cash on Long Island.


I really didn’t understand how this worked until I spoke with him and got educated on the subject.  I used to think that these places were scams (and in all fairness, some are).  But Rich is highly ethical and really helps people that need it.  Some of them have assets, but they just don’t have the funds or capital (or time) to fix their homes, and they really need to sell quickly.  Often this happens with houses that have been inherited.  Some of these homes have been neglected for years and need a lot of repair and improvement and the heirs just don’t have the capital to put into the home until after it’s sold.


I also had a bit of an idea yesterday on how I can use this blog better to help me and my clients.  For several of my clients, I need to build backlinks for them to strengthen their domain and page authority.  And, I’ve been doing that in several ways.  I remembered that one way to do that is to create a free wordpress.com site and then backlink to them via blog posts I write.


And, then I thought, duh…I already have a paid and hosted blog (which is better), so I can now just develop this blog further and write targeted articles for them on here.  Of course, I can use this for my benefit, too.


So, I’m very excited about this realization.  More blog posts to come soon.   Real soon.