Some real set backs

So things have gotten more challenging.  I was feeling like I was making good progress on my debt reduction.

I have had 3 opportunities in Aug/Sept for potential additional clients, but none have materialized…at least not yet.

In August, I was so pleased with my passive income results as I made a bit over $2,400 and was getting close to my goal of reaching $2,500/month by end of year.  (I wanted $2,200 in Sept, $2,300 in Oct, $2,400 in Nov, and $2,500 in December).  This would help pay for the health insurance that I’m going to need to start paying – prob starting in December.

But, in Sept, I only earned $1,870.  So, I was disappointed.  But, determined to make October better.

Then, in September, things did not go so well with the part time painting jobs.  Leads slowed to a crawl (not my fault as it’s not my business and I was doing the marketing…but certainly my problem).  And, the leads I did get were pretty poor quality – very price sensitive customers and small jobs.  So, September was by far my worst month for painting commissions…at 1/3 of my goal and probably half the amount that I made in February.  Pretty bad.

So, I needed to make October great.  I decided to start blogging about painting on my main website.  Here’s the article I wrote:  What are the most popular shades of gray paint colors? The article took a really long time to put together, primarily because of all the graphics.  I made a great pin for the article – best gray shades of paint, and it’s been taking off.  In just a few days, it already has over 600 repins!

I also published my 2018 hardwood flooring trends article early – that was yesterday.  I figured that this would give me an early boost and hopefully help it rank #1 for next year (rather than #2).  And, I was happy that I had a friend of mine help secure a guest post about decorating (why it’s important to start with the floors first when you decorate).  This is on a high domain authority, so I was super excited.

October started out strong for the first day or two.

And, then boom.  It came.  The bad news.  The owner of the painting business decided to shut down the business.  That was yesterday.  Job gone.  Just like that.  Poof.  (And, no notice…all appointments that had been set are canceled).

Okay. I wasn’t expecting that.

So, now I need a new plan…and fast…because I don’t have any time or any savings to spare.

I’m doing what I can with some networking.  Waiting to hear on something.  Hoping to have closure tomorrow, but I have a hunch I won’t.

Finding it hard to concentrate on all the other work I need to do, including blogging for my 2 clients and my own blog.  I have to pull myself together.  But it’s hard.

So, crossing my fingers for some good news soon.  Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise.  Or maybe I can come up quickly with a new business idea.  It’s hard because I’m tired and stressed and didn’t sleep well last night.

So, yes, I want tomorrow to be a great day.