Seniors can be more sensitive to heat

I’m still astounded by what happened with Hurricane Irma and that Florida nursing home.  It’s pure negligence.  I understand that there are power outages, but to let those seniors suffer and not speak up, not take them to hospital across the street is just criminal.


You see when we age, we are more sensitive to heat, as our bodies are not able to regulate temperature as well.  While most people who are not in the healthcare industry may not realize it, those people should be keenly aware of the situation.


When you have an aging parent or adult at home, it’s important to keep an eye on them, especially when it gets super hot.  Sometimes, this may just come in the form of a heatwave.  You may find this article comes in handy.  It’s great for prevention.  Summer Safety tips for Seniors:  Tips for Enjoying the Season and Staying healthy.


If you have an aging parent who lives in their own home, be sure to check on them especially during the super hot weeks (and for that matter also check up on the extra if it’s super cold, too).


What happened in Florida was completely avoidable.  It never should have happened.  But, let’s learn from their mistakes so we don’t let this sort of thing happen to people we know.