Wow, my Amazon associates account is on fire

Well that is probably an exaggeration.  But, nonetheless, I’m having my best month so far.  Month to date, I’ve already earned $1,096 in commissions.  Prior to this, last month was my best month with $680.  And, I still have a week to go in this month, so we’ll see how it finishes out.


I wish I understood what is driving the surge.  I know that one article in particular, my polyurethane article is doing the best for earnings.  But, I wish I knew what was driving that up.  If I knew that, then I could try to do more to accelerate growth.


Or, it could just be a 1 month surge as many DIYers are working on their home projects and moving into new homes.  So, this may come to a close Labor Day weekend.  Let’s hope it continues.  In the meantime, I’m working on more articles to hopefully drive more affiliate sales.